Best Sellers

Our Office Best Sellers

For convenience my office stocks these popular items in our little store.

The best sellers are:

1. Permission to Mother, autographed by Denise Punger

2. Motherlove Products to support milk supply and breast pain

3. Chocolate Bliss and other whole food, raw supplements to support weight loss and blood sugar,

(No artificial ingredients, fillers, dyes)

4. My Breastfriend Nursing Pillow

5. Mustela skin care and sunscreen for babies (and adults with sensitive skin)

6. DivaCup

7. Cloth Diapers and covers: Bumkin, Bummies, cotton, bamboo, All-in-one, fitted, traditional rectangle

8. MD Forte Replenish Hydrating Cream (staff favorite)

9. Lact-aid and SNS for low milk supply

10. Medela pump replacement pieces and Medela Bras

These are all products that I would use for myself or family.