This may cause the body to lose inches of fats.

Lipo Laser Machine versus Traditional Liposuction

How do they differ?

For those people who seek a perfect body with minimal effort, undergoing laser lipolysis is the most convenient thing to do. This newly developed technique is a perfect substitute for traditional liposuction. This enhanced mechanism of lipolysis has developed a remedy for pockets of sagging skin which are usually produced after the traditional liposuction. The emergence of lipo laser machines has brought about the evolution of liposuction history and technique.

Laser Liposuction Machines’ Internal Mechanism

How do lipo laser machines work? Lipolysis laser machines is a cosmetic device used for laser lipolysis. Laser lipolysis is a cosmetic procedure which involves the use of heat mechanism from fiber-optic lasers with various wavelengths to dissolve body fat. In addition, laser lipolysis initiates the generation of collagen in the skin, making skin look healthier and tighter. It differs from the traditional liposuction wherein the body fats are sucked out of the fat-rich body area by using a vacuum suction device.

To know more about laser lipolysis, here is the step-by-step process of the laser lipolysis.

• First of all, the patient is assessed if he or she is eligible to undergo laser lipolysis. He or she should weigh 25 pounds over his or her proper weight. In addition, he or she should have healthy and elastic skin.

• The patient is brought to the laser lipolysis room. Cosmetic pads equipped with laser diodes are attached to the skin of the involved body area such as the tummy, arm, thighs, among others.

• The laser lipolysis machine is turned on. The fiber-optic lasers from the pads penetrate the skin and then the fat cells making tiny holes on their plasma membrane.

• This causes the fat cells to squeeze out the stored fatty acids and water of the fat cell.