What We Do

So exactly what do we do?

Stop by for Free Adult Blood Pressure, Glucose or Baby Weight Checks.

We see all ages, from newborn to nursing home.

We provide comprehensive preventative health visits:

Pap and breast exams (well-woman).

Natural family Planning/Birth Control Counseling.

Prostate exam.

Discounted School Physicals employment, and pre-participation physicals Periodic visits for babies and children (which include re-inforcement that baby wearing, co-sleeping, breastfeeding and delaying the introduction of solids, and much more are okay) I ask that mom establish when a young baby establishes. It is only common sense in a practice seeing birth and breastfeeding as a continuum. And affects both.

Vaccinations and Religious/Philisophical exemption.

Prenatal Consultation ~36weeks that would include preparations for breastfeeding and a very thorough discussion attachment parenting/slings/diapering/how labor-birth effects infants health–infact if you know you will establish a newborn in our practice it is highly recommended that you come in before your baby is born.

Breastfeeding line for established patients answered by an “MD, IBCLC”.

Skin care:

Laceration and skin tears
Abscess drainage
Rash and itch
Freezing warts and AK’s
Removal and/or biopsy (as appropriate) of moles, skin tag
Botox–free initial consultation

Acute Care:

As a new office, we can accommodate most minor emergencies and walk-ins for:
Respiratory, ear, eye, skin, infection
Asthma and wheezing/ Nebulizer Treatment and Oxygen
In-grown toe nail
Post hurricane stress and greif for mold exposure and treatment
IV Fluids
Pregnancy test and referral to compassionate care
Almost anything you would go to the urgent-care center for, we can accommodate.

Chronic Care:
High Blood Pressure
Connective Tissue Disease
Sleep apnea
Depression and post partum depression
Smoke cessation
Weight loss counseling–free initial phone consult with Dr. Coquelet
flu shots (seasonally)
B12 shots

In house lab testing:

Urine Analysis
Pregnancy Testing
Intracellular Vitamin Analysis
Rapid Strep
Rapid Influenza
Rapid Mono
Hemocult (stool for blood)
We have a lending library of popular health books of interest to our patients. Other:

During pregnancy medical conditions that are usually treated by a Family Doctor can be treated in our office in co-operation with midwife or obstetrician. Common examples include nausea, rash, UTI, and most of the above.