You can be an influencer if you like.

An Ordinary Lady with a Cape like Superwoman

If you’re the kind of person who likes to create an impact on the world, live like one. There are lots of ways to influence the society, even the world. This is how Lilly Singh made it to the world. She managed to create a platform to influence the world.


Some people dreamed of being a politician to create laws to serve the needy. Some wish to be a simple man that promotes environment-friendly acts to protect nature. As what they always say, do what you imagine. You can be the influencer that you imagine.



The story of Lilly Singh or also knows as superwoman is just one of the many examples of what we mentioned. She is who she is now because of one childhood dream. She thought of being a superhero. We can’t tell if she purposely uses that tag to be like whom she is now.


But how she is living now is like her childhood superhero. She may not be thinking of this. But for many young fans out there, she is an ordinary lady with a cape like Superwoman.


To tag her as a superhero is something special. But her videos have made an impact that no ordinary people can achieve. Her small dreams have turned out to be a huge success for her and her fans. Her subscribers’ lives were impacted one way or another by her daily uploads. She is a standard that some people have been dreaming of, in terms of achievement.


Those video uploaders who are just beginning are looking up to her as a model. A model that hard works and perseverance can turn dreams into reality. She is a superhero. People follow her as a superhero that gives them inspiration in many ways. Her humble beginnings are similar to many of us. And someday, anyone of you can be like her.